Engineering for hostile and industrial environments
CISCREA is an engineering company specialized in the design and realization of complex multidisciplinary systems (mechanical, mechatronics, control command, tele-operated, automation, electrical, specific integration of sensors and actuators…) in hostile environments and industry.

CISCREA develops and markets its own products, such as:
The amazing Mini-ROV DVBot platform, extremely rugged camera and lighting solutions, electrical winches, underwater cameras, LED lights, underwater switches (including LEDs), underwater junction boxes, tailored watertight containers and housings;
Pipelines, sewers, siphons inspection: MSI, SV Raft, S-Shuttle and XS Sonar Unit. These products are running under PipeWizard Software.

CISCREA services cover the complete product life cycle. With our team and network we provide control and know-how of industrial projects, take care of validation and qualification, consult or create the architecture and design of complex systems, fulfill the installation & commissioning and not to forget ,ensure maintenance and after-sales support.
As your custom solution provider we adapt our modular products and technology bricks to offer solutions for your mission and specification. Our reactive multidisciplinary team, and external partner network guarantees global and timely solutions for your project. Sewage, Energy, Naval & Defence, Civil & Research – Our commitment is the same:

We create the product you need or we design the solution you were searching for!