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MiniROV DVBot full HD 300msw 22kg in air!

MiniRov Dvbot unveiled in London at OI 2016, our mini ROVs are quite successful: French DoD, scientists, oil & gas in France and abroad: from Singapore to Chile!

M. L., Oil & Gas Nigeria “DV-Bot surpasses the other mini ROV: plug & fly, maneuvering, stable, all-in-one multi-functions”
M. B, ROV pilot “I’ve never seen such a single-operator user-friendly ROV !”
M. O, purchasing manager “DV-Bot is the best quality-price mini ROV on the market”
Best-in class intervention mini ROV, praised by Nauticexpo

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MiniRov DVBot by Ciscrea:

Your affordable, manoeuvering, stable, multi-functions, plug&fly, compact, single-operator and user-friendly Mini ROV solution.

Standard versions include a vehicle, surface control unit (including AC/DC converter, a 15’’ Color LCD daylight readable monitor, an OSD overlay, Data and video exits, and control joysticks) and 300m of neutrally buoyant umbilical, shipping cases and Operation & Maintenance manuals.

Depth rating 300 msw / 1000 ft

Weight in air 22 kg
(standard configuration)

Weight in water neutral
(standard configuration)

Payload 1.5 kg. For larger payload, additional buoyancy can be provided
(standard configuration)

Standard version:

– 4 vectored horizontal thruster
– 2 vertical thrusters
– TILT Dome low light camera
– Low light bullet camera
– 2 dimmable power LED spot lights
– Heading, depth & temperature sensors
– Auto-Depth function
– Auto-Heading function
– Auto-Altitude function (with Altimeter option)
– 2 payload bulkhead connectors
– Bracket for front or rear option bullet camera position

Standard options:

– Altimeter
– 2 additional dimmable power LED spot lights
– Laser pointers
– embedded watertight batteries
– Tooling skid
– Manual storage winch with slip ring

For your Inspection / Observation and Intervention missions in:

Science or