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MS-Raft flooded & lengthy pipes Multi Sensors Inspection!

MS-Raft : Sewer systems are a vital part of the infrastructure. Without effective inspection and evaluation, problems can quickly surface and turn into major issues.

Unveiled in Munich at IFAT, our astonishing Multi Synchronized Sensors Raft is already quite successful. It allows our customers to perform Long Range Inspection & Measurement for underground sewers in the safest, most cost effective and responsive way!

Our unique sophisticated self-propelled multi sensors platform is addressing lengthy tunnel segment, flooded, half-flooded and hard-to-reach areas.

Save cost and time while benefiting from our state-of-the art proven technology.

M. A., Paris Water “This piece of equipment is astonishing: all-in-one HD profiler, CCTV, sonar and laser, GPR/PPR.”

M. M, project manager, Avitek “This solution will lead us to effective inspection and cost-cutting. I really appreciate data acquisition, fusion, storage and post mission data replay and reporting: data sediment profile, bottom to vault section scan, video recording and isolated defect pictures.”

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MS-Raft flooded & lenghty Sewer and Pipe inspections : One-Pass Pipeline Survey
Data Transmission
Real-Time Video & Data fusion
PDF Close-Out Inspection Reports


Partially flooded pipeline and sewer


3off HD IP cameras
1off PTZ camera
1off Laser lidar
1off Profiler sonar
1off Inertial sensor
5off LED spot lights
1off Thruster


Time stamped data acquisition,
Fusion & storage
Post mission data replay


Sediment profile
Bottom to vault section scan
High pipe vault HD video record
Isolated defect pictures