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PipeWizard realtime monitoring data fusion and post mission reporting by user

PipeWizard realtime monitoring, data fusion and post mission reporting by user : software enables real-time monitoring, data fusion and reporting by user!

With Pipe Wizard, the operator comments cracks, leaks, corrosion, defects,.. during or after the mission, posting pictures.

Post mission replay and reporting become a child’s play at no cost for the user.

Pipe Wizard Software generates reporting according to international standards at will.

Sediment level, 3D views, deployed pipe, bottom to vault scan, isolated defects and more…

With PipeWizard the reporting is user-friendly, MS Word (c) close-out and Wincan (c) interface.

Pipe Wizard, primarily designed for our products MSI-raft, SV-raft & S-shuttle, can also be adapted to your own equipment…

What else… ah yes, Pipe Wizard is multi-lingual!